Donald Wants An Apology

It wasn't shocking to wake up this morning and read another Trump Twitter rant about the media. Complaining about the "unfair" coverage of his presidency is just something Trump does now, as much a part of his routine as trolling our allies and damaging his own legal challenges. For most of us, his ramblings about "dirty" and "hateful" fake news have become background noise, like that annoying rumbling in your office's heating vents that you have dealt with for so long that you don't even notice it anymore.

But our embattled president went a step further on Twitter this morning.

First off, can we talk about how sad (or SAD!) this is? This is the President of the United States, begging for an apology from the meanies in the press who dare to do their jobs and report on what the president is saying and doing! Can you imagine Reagan saying something like this? Hell, even W had more pride.

But Donald wants an apology? OK, Mr. President. But, in the mold of truly great leaders, why don't you lead by example? Because I can think of a few things you have done that might require just the slightest mea culpa. Maybe start with apologizing to:

Alright, Mr. President, time to man up and be a leader. Go ahead and get started on those apologies, and then come talk to us about all the mean stuff the media is saying about you. We'll be waiting.