April Activism

April is shaping up to be an insane month in American politics. The month will start with a showdown over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, which may end with Republicans invoking the nuclear option and eliminating the filibuster in order to sit Gorsuch in the seat rightfully belonging to Merrick Garland. It will end with a game of chicken regarding the continuous funding of the federal government that could lead to a government shutdown on April 29th, which is Donald Trump's 100th day in office. In between, the Republicans will begin their push for a tax reform bill, an important piece of their platform that they hope doesn't go the way of Obamacare reform and implode like an Atlanta interstate. We can also expect Trump and his administration to continue their attacks on everything from environmental regulations to women's rights. And who knows what kind of crisis the POTUS could kick off with another nonsensical early morning tweet-storm?

The point is that those of us fighting against Trump and the Republican agenda will need to be as loud and defiant as ever in the upcoming month. Thankfully, April is just packed with ways to be active and let your voices be heard.

April 15 - Tax March

Donald Trump has lied for over a year about not being able to release his tax returns because they're under audit. His administration thinks that the American people don't care about the issue. And frankly, the excuses and deflections were wearing thin months ago. It's time for Trump to do what every president and major candidate has done for the last 50+ years and release his tax returns. To that end, the folks at taxmarch.org are organizing the Tax March. The main event will be in Washington DC, but there are over 120 local marches and events in every major city in the United States. Show up to remind Trump that he works for us now and we have a right to see what he's hiding.

April 22 - March for Science

If there is one thing that the Trump administration and the Republicans in Congress have made clear in the last week, it's that they could not care less about science, particularly when it gets in the way of corporate profits. They have announced a complete rollback of the Clean Power Plan, rejected the EPA's own science in refusing to ban a dangerous pesticide, and banned the phrase "climate change" at the Energy Department. All of this flies in the face of established science and the consensus among scientists that climate change is happened, that it is driven by human activity, and that we are in deep trouble if we don't take drastic action to address it. The March for Science is our chance to let Washington know that we will not stand by and watch as they reject science to benefit themselves and their donors. Join Bill Nye in Washington DC or march in one of the hundreds of satellite marches across the globe as we stand up for science.

April 29 - Peoples Climate March

While the march on April 22nd focuses on all thing science, April 29th is specifically for bringing attention to the urgent issue of climate change. As Trump contemplates pulling us out of the Paris climate agreement and Republicans nationwide continue to spew unscientific nonsense like "the reason for climate change is that the earth is getting closer to the sun every year," it has become critical for those of us who recognize the enormity of the climate problem to speak out early and often. The Peoples Climate March is a successor to the September 2014 demonstrations surrounding the United Nations Climate Summit. With numerous sister marches happening alongside the main event in Washington, this is a great opportunity for everyone who cares about the health and future of our planet to take a stand.

Those are only a few of the largest events happening next month. What are we missing? Leave a comment to let us know!