Here We Are

Well, here we are.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how we got here. You’re probably blaming the (less than) half the country who voted for Trump, the Republicans who wouldn’t back him when he ran that are now silent or his allies, and maybe even, like me, the Democrats for not putting up a more centrist candidate. Regardless of who we blame for the situation, the simple fact remains…

Here we are.

So what now?

What do we do to make the world feel less scary? How do we reassure ourselves that our kids will not grow up to become mini-Trumps, indoctrinated from a young age to be bombastic, poorly-spoken Twitter fiends that denounce all critics? How do we simultaneously join the Resistance without becoming walking stereotypes created by conservatives, lost in the faceless mass of granola, jobless, liberal-art-major progressives? How do we facilitate change and still maintain our jobs, families, friendships, and hobbies that keep us sane?

What now?

Don’t give up.

If you’re like me, you find yourself dreading the vibrations of your phone and the notifications of comments from people you once respected on social media. You may find yourself lost, staring into the brain-numbing glow of your smartphone instead of playing with your toddler. You might realize you have wasted entire afternoons you will never get back just being angry and arguing with people who will never agree with you. Your cause is righteous, if futile.

But you can’t give up.

Be better than this.

Consider what we are resisting and rise above. Our brilliant, poised, dignified former First Lady gave us the best advice for coping with these troubling times: “When they go low, we go high.”

So, soar.

Read as much as you can and refuse to engage with “news” that isn’t vetted. Media bias is a living, breathing entity against which we must wage a war, but the facts are the facts, and they are out there. Look for them. Holding onto facts may be the most effective form of rebellion against this particular administration.

Be better than them.

Be civil. It is easy to give in to anger and disgust and disbelief as we have all done in these most recent days, but civility must reign. We have seen the damage done when a person takes to Twitter in a moment of anger, and we must not be slaves of our emotions. It is hard to argue with a rational person citing facts and evidence for their cause. Education and the truth are on our side, so go high.

Be better.

In the past few months we have seen some dark days, and there are likely darker ones ahead, and yet here WE are. The marching and the chanting and the flooding of inboxes and voicemails have left Washington asking the questions we want them asking: what now? Why are we angry? Why won’t we just give up?

And the answers are simple, because we aren’t asking for much. We resist because America deserves more. We resist because they have to be better than this.