In the aftermath of the 2016 American presidential election, the nation was enveloped in a maelstrom of emotion. While some were ecstatic about the results, many others felt fear, rage, confusion, and grief. In the ensuing months, and especially in the aftermath of Donald Trump's inauguration, the outpouring of sentiments across the country has expanded.

Where there was fear, there is also resolve.

Where there was grief, there is also inspiration.

Where there was rage, there is also a righteous anger.

Where there was confusion, there is now resistance.

The activism demonstrated by millions of Americans across the country in the wake of Trump's inauguration has shown the world that citizens of this nation will not sit back and allow their country to descend into tyranny. 

There are many ways to sound your voice about the state of our nation. The goal of Voices of the Resistance is to provide another outlet. We want this site to become a way that Americans sound off, whether it be with an editorial, a poem, a piece of art or the sound of music.

We are all the Voices of the Resistance. And our voices deserve to be heard.